Coarse Gravel

Coarse and very coarse gravel are excellent choices for mass fill. With large grain sizes (16 - 64 mm), coarse gravel quickly fills large areas, making this an excellent choice for foundation aggregates and ballast. The minimal processing involved with coarse gravel also means that this is an inexpensive option among our sand and gravel products.

Medium to Fine Gravel

Medium and fine gravel, often mixed, serve well in areas that receive high traffic but still require consistency in appearance. Grain sizes are fairly small (4 - 16 mm), but variable enough to remain an inexpensive option for most projects. A very practical gravel choice, gravel of this size is used in everything from ready-mix concrete to personal and commercial driveways.

Very Fine Gravel

Very fine gravel is often indistinguishable from coarse sand in its grain size (2 - 4 mm), but extra processing means that grain shape is more consistent and visually appealing. Very fine gravel is very well suited for garden landscaping or "artistic" projects.

Reclaimed Concrete

Reclaimed concrete is the end product of concrete recycling. Chunks of concrete reclaimed from demolished buildings or other projects are crushed into gravel of varying sizes. This is an excellent opportunity to re-use material that would normally go to waste, but the crushing and grading processes for reclaimed concrete also allow consumers greater flexibility in terms of specific grain size or appearance.