Land & Refuse Clearing

Site Prep, Large or Small

Before starting work on your site, you may wish to have trees, shrubs, and brush removed so that you can have a bare area to plan and build your project. Our machines are effective at removing brush and smaller trees easily, and for larger trees we offer felling and stump grinding.

Although we often clear land in conjunction with beginning projects in construction, we can offer land clearing as a separate service to meet a wider variety of needs. For example, this service can help to turn wooded area into a cultivable field, or to remove storm-damaged trees from private property.

Refuse and Waste Cleanup

You sometimes may find yourself facing a large stockpile of waste, such as rubble from building work, yard waste from storm damage, or simply existing refuse on an abandoned site. Without the proper tools and experience, cleanup can be daunting or even dangerous to the average landowner. Luckily, we can offer refuse cleanup services to clear away the mess quickly and professionally, where we not only remove the waste but properly dispose of it as well.

Safety and Efficiency

Clearing land and moving large piles of refuse can cause injury to the inexperienced, which is why it is strongly recommended to employ professionals to handle these tasks. At Green Acres Land Development, we have the tools and experience needed to carry out these tasks quickly while also meeting or exceeding standards of site safety.

When clear land or refuse, we also look to dispose of waste in a manner that causes minimal impact to the environment with minimal cost to the client. We can recycle most yard waste ourselves, and for other forms of waste we can find proper disposal as needed.