We develop land for personal and commercial use. Our tools and expertise can get your project started off right.

At Green Acres Land Development, we provide services needed to begin projects in construction, mining, and more. We offer batch concrete and sand and gravel of various grades to provide the foundations for residential and commercial buildings. We also sell, install, and maintain septic systems once the groundwork is laid. If you are looking to clear a site or recycle existing waste, we can offer these services to give you a clean slate to start your project.

  • Batch Concrete

    We sell concrete for foundations, walls, borders, and much more. Whether you need dry mix or liquid concrete, we can deliver as needed.

  • Sand and Gravel

    We have sand and gravel available of various grades, from rough gravel and coarse sand for foundation fill, to fine gravel and sand for driveways and presentation.

  • Septic Systems

    For all building sites, a proper septic system is as important as any foundation. We sell new and reclaimed tanks, and we can install your system on-site.

  • Land and Refuse Clearing

    When you're just prepping a site, you need to clear trees or refuse to start from a clean slate. We have the tools needed to clear your site quickly and efficiently.

  • Recycling

    After clearing sites, we can make sure that resulting waste will not be left standing. We specialize in recycling wood and inert waste.